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Supply Chain Solution

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Common logistics supply chain issues:
  1. How to arrange shipment for outbound purchase product?
  2. How to manage logistic cost effectively?
  3. How to use the most appropriate logistics method?
  4. How to export the goods to foreign customers?
  5. What is the most appropriate payment method?
  6. What is the logistic requirement needs to confirm with manufacturers before place an order?
  7. What documents and information are required from the factory?
  8. What goods are contraband?
  9. Why do some items require transshipment by a third country?
  10. How to avoid unnecessary potential logistics risks?
  11. What do you need to prepare before place order with a foreign manufacturer?
  12. What payment method is more suitable for your business model?
  13. How to determine the import and export duties on your products, and what applicable taxes are required to be paid?
  14. How to determine the import and export license of your products and the relevant documents need to apply?
  15. ……………. Thousands of logistical questions need to be answered!

Logistics supply chain service refers to the customer goods in all aspects of the transport in the use of the possibility of logistics efficiency assurance.

The existence of modern enterprises is to meet certain aspects of customer needs, to provide customers with products and services. The logistics supply chain service is to ensure that companies can provide essential quality services efficiently, faced with increasingly fierce competition and diversification of consumer value orientation, business managers have found to strengthen the logistics supply chain management, improving customer service is an efficient way of creating lasting competitive advantage. Because we provide absolutely "free service," therefore, under the premise of limited time and resources, to provide you with the best quality advice answer, we hope you can find the logistics supply chain solution with "true and relevant questions." Therefore, before the consultation, we hope you can provide some basic information about your business, which will help us to have a better understanding and deliver the most suitable solution to your business. We guarantee to protect the true basic database with whole confidentiality undertaking to protect the rights and interests of enterprises, as your business is critical to us!

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